Expert Witness:  Laura Barfield

Summary:  Laura Barfield is the former Program Manager of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Alcohol Testing Program from 2001 through 2013).  During her tenure with FDLE, Ms. Barfield was responsible for the creation and revisions of the Alcohol Testing Program internal Operations Manuals and the rules governing breath and blood testing as contained in the Florida Administrative Code Chapter 11D-8 (until subsequent revision that occurred after her termination from FDLE).  However, since becoming a private consultant, she has often back-pedaled from these statements in order to allow her to testify against the rules she herself created.  She was also responsible for the certification and issuing of permit of Breath Test Operators, Agency Inspectors and Breath Test Instructors.  As the ATP Manager, she was a records custodian for the agency and regularly testified regarding the the Intoxilyzer 5000 and Intoxilyzer 8000, regarding their accuracy and reliability, instrument evaluations and research studies, dry gas standards, alcohol reference solutions and the internal operations of the instrument.  Since becoming a private consultant, she has taken the stance that ATP’s procedures do not ensure accurate and reliable results, even when operating under the rules she created and those that have been since revised.  She holds no post-graduate degrees in any scientific areas, and will often testify about major issues in breath testing in Florida, which were not of consequence when she was ATP Manager.

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