Expert Witness:  Dr. Stefan Rose

Witness Summary:  Dr. Stefan Rose holds himself out as an expert in laboratory medicine, forensic toxicology, and psychiatry.  He holds a general M.D. from the University of Miami Medical School and completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of Alabama.  He holds no degrees in chemistry or toxicology.  Dr. Rose testifies exclusively for the defense in DUI cases, challenging breath, urine and blood testing results and testing  rules and procedures.  He was the former head of the University of Miami Toxicology Lab, and holds the position of Courtesy Professor with Florida International University (although it has been some time since he last taught a course for FIU).  His website, University Medical & Forensic Consultants ( “is a private website for the practicing criminal defense attorney.”  He is a members of several professional associations, but there are almost all (if not all) purely payment-based memberships.  Dr. Rose does not have, nor has he ever had, an actual physician’s practice or office; his “office” address is a UPS store mailbox in Palm City, FL.

Court Orders/Opinions: