Expert Witness Name:  Wayne Morris

Witness Summary:  Wayne Morris is the President of Morris-Kopec Forensics located in Sanford, Florida.  He regularly holds himself out as an expert in several areas of toxicology including, but not limited to, collection, handing and storage of evidence, as well as laboratory procedures and analysis.  Mr. Morris holds as BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Miami and a Masters Degree in Physical Chemistry from Texas A&M University.  Mr. Morris does testify frequently in DUI cases in the areas of breath, blood and urine testing, the Intoxilyzer breath test instrument, absorption and elimination issues, Widmark and retrograde extrapolation calculations, alcohol reference solution testing, gas chromatography testing (last done by him 25 years ago) and FDLE/FAC rule violations–routinely attempting to apply inapplicable standards to the FDLE and State criminal forensic labs.  He is a proponent of the “new paradigm” proposed by Michael Hlastala (although it is unclear whether he has the credentials to even opine on the subject).  According to Morris, he is a “forensic scientist” because courts have allowed hi to testify in various subject areas–but not necessarily because he has any training or experience in those areas.  Although employed by FDLE from 1976 to 1986, he never conducted any blood alcohol analyses while employed.  After leaving FDLE and obtaining a permit to conduct blood alcohol analyses, his failure rate in blood alcohol proficiency testing was a paltry 62%, and his permit was eventually suspended as a result of too many unsatisfactory analyses.  Mr. Morris testifies exclusively for the defense in criminal cases, and his testimony can usually be successfully challenged with a Daubert objection.

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